Alef Bet Culinary School Construction in Paris France by Stephane Malka


The Alef Bet genesis is the Alpha the Beta, the Alphabet itself. This localize is committed to the Knowing of the “jewfish” food, roots and branches.

Reconstruct the culinary alphabet in a new way, supported the customs. Determine of the project arrived from the flame letters, the Hebrew ancients letters from the book of the books.

The colors added up directly; White for the abstract place of the space, the ante-genesis of the composition itself. Red for the flame letters, core of the alcoves and the floor.

The light stenography switches the wall colors from abstraction white to a aflame red as the darks sleeps thought, as a active internal representation of the Hebrew lunar calendar.

The bar looks to float into a different proportion, discussing season. Red flames letters energies the wall’s fixes and making alcoves. The ceiling is divided by a changeable move, adopted by the shiny red concrete floor adding the energy over the inside component, as an invitation to find the introspective places.

Stephane Malka’s acts has, since he has began graffiti in 1986, been a romance for the calligraphy, the construction of the letter itself, it’s own architecture and equilibrium has fixed him to look for a lot of into architectural analyses, in command to get to a different proportion the architectural alphabet, searching fresh worlds, looking for hybrid form and meta-spaces.

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