Classic Pantry Design Ideas


Once entered the pantry area was felt the atmosphere “old” . But I can not deny, the existence of furniture-style wood furniture gives cozy ethnic make anyone, who spent time here.

Pantry area was once used as a reading area. Seen from placed wooden cabinet, antique-style, and a door glass, used to store the row collection of books. Bar with four bar stool soft, so the main supports of comfort Doing Activities in this pantry.

There is a unique, try to notice the upper wall of the pantry. An artwork hung in there. Do not know if the artwork was actually the former fence. Usually found on the terrace or balcony of the old traditional houses. It turned out pretty cool, yes, the former fence used as decorative elements.

The touch also comes from antique lamps hang. The form was simple, but this lamp design is not popular anymore. Not easy to find anymore. The existence of antiques and unique like this, making the pantry feels personal, and always interesting to note.

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