Globe Lamp by VerPan


Lamp Globe VerPan is an object created by the genius mind of the designer Verner Panton, a great scholar of the technical aspects of materials and design of lightning. It is, in effect, a bubble aerated establishing the optimal conditions of light for your environment. All with great character and aesthetic form. A real gem of Nordic design, to be placed in the refined rooms of your home, where you need to add something extra to give that special warmth that everyone seeks.

The structure of this lamp consists of a ‘spherical outer shell made of transparent acrylic in which there are five aluminum reflectors suspended and held together by three small chains of steel.The reflectors have a lacquered finish in white, blue and orange inside, the exterior is white. The aim is to create brand VerPan lighting solutions respecting the original principles of Verner Panton: the harmony between the quality and originality. Verner Panton lamps can be defined as universal vintage and contemporary at the same time, however adaptable to all styles.

Verner Panton, author of cult the homonymous chair we recently made fifty, he said about his lamps that: “The planning of color is crucial in the design of an environment. It is not enough to say that red is red and blue is blue. I usually work in parallel with the colors if the tones follow one another in the spectrum. And then you can control the appearance of a hot or cold environment and create the ‘atmosphere desired color lius “

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