Korean Jo Rin Hun House by IROJE KHM


IROJE KHM Architects had been designed a new structure. It is located in 15-152, Hyehwa-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea. Yeong Kim has been chosen to be the contractor. The place of this building standing is about 169.97 sqm. The structure will be used for multi family house. This structure is laid in the outside of Bukchon. It is nearby the Seoul City’s designated cultural properties. Many of Korean house style that still exist now but later it will be placed by new house design that has function as multi family house.  

The unique of Korean house style is the garden and that will be integrated in the garden of Jo Rin Hun. This garden will fill the owner satisfy of sphere and ownership with the recognition of the other households that every household is the owner of separated house. The furniture inside of the house can be freely managed by the owner and the available space is wide. The plant can also be placed inside the house. It will add some green sense of the house. Some of the wall built diagonally with many windows and big glass there. With that condition the sunlight can enter the house and shine the whole house. There is also bathroom with complete facility such as bathtub, shower, washstand, and many else. This place is nice because it still kept some Korean house style and adds many facilities inside. The material and paint also with the best quality in their class.

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