Mediterranean Architecture in Sydney Bill’s House by Tony Owen Partners


Mediterranean Architecture in Sydney Bill’s House by Tony Owen Partners

This is great design inspired by Mediterranean Architecture but with contemporary concrete and solid construction. Below is excerpts from architects

This house is designed for clients in Sydney’s inner west. The client is a concrete contractor who planned to build their own homes. As a result the house was designed to maximize the use of concrete and solid construction. Because legacy clients, the design is influenced by the materials and forms of Mediterranean architecture. Shell forms reflect the curved screen from a fishing boat from the Greek Islands. In addition to doing a lot of entertaining clients and want the maximum house connection to the great outdoors.

Client brief was to create a unique icon and the home. This challenge is presented as a site on the outskirts of a fairly homogeneous locations. As a result, the house has been designed as a series of blocks that modulate the scale and minimize the impact of the house to the surrounding area. Consists of a series of different internal levels, which further increases the road. The house is crowded off the road and the opening must be completely open to the rear. The changes in the level of creating opportunities for the masses is an external step ladder and complex interactions among the internal space.

The house has a ‘L-shaped’ configuration to maximize the solar aspects to living space. There is also a central courtyard to the west that allows light to penetrate the middle of the house and also serves to divide the mass of the facade.

Features of the house a large central staircase element. Of this step the original idea came from James Bond film ‘Never Say Never Again’. This ladder near the middle of the page that is always bathed in light and connect the various changes in the level of fluid in a single element of dark polished concrete sculptures.

The dominant features of the house is curved like a sail white wall behind. These walls soften the masses and bring to light the house by breaking up the space and progressive house dematerialize into a series of vertical and horizontal planes cantilevered backwards. Kitchen and residential home finally dissolves into a room outside the big room for entertaining. This room contains a glass swimming pool with pool bar and a seat minimalist outdoor cage. This structure has more sense lounge or bar area with daybeds and structures lying dressed in cloth. The use of mirrors and chandeliers enhance the luxurious lounge feel. The back room also includes a garden-storey market that enhance the character of the European space. The family room and outside area connected by an indoor / outdoor fireplace. Range spaces of these elements and further blur the boundaries between outside and inside.

The complex geometry of the curved structure completed in 3-D by the computer using the design parameters that allow the architect to see the influence of site and design of spatial relationships in real time as they adjust to changing environmental variables.

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