Modern Bailly School Complex in Saint-Denis France by Mikou Design Studio


The Paris supported architectural apply Mikou Design Studio realized this school construction for the town of St. Denis in the north of their hometown.

“The school complex of Bailly is located on a exchanging district and is placed on the beginning point of the rebuilding of the scale of the territory. The expression of the plan is inspired by this particular circumstance of the substance utilized – glazed brick – and by the opinion of the roof which allow reference to the lanterns of the cathedrals.

The school complex is aligned on the rue de Bailly as a “building wall” on one point which develops vacuous and inflects to shape the esplanade for the entrance.”

“The esplanade is planned like a space of cordiality, saved and white by a playful light protection. Its basis of brick is widened in the construction by an internal brick street which uses as an interspace sector to approach both schools, the refreshment center and concurrently assist like the link arena for the different purposes.

The structure of the construction seen from the rue de Bailly displays a glazed screen published façade to protect the closeness of the children, applying the theory for transparency in the interior gardens and below the coloured ceiling.

The classrooms are arranged in the north-south transverse on 2 points which end on the firewall on the side of the railroad. They’re organized by horizontal circulations and interior gardens saved by disturbance by a glass screen.

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