Modern Mini House concept in Sweden by Jonas Wagell


Modern Mini House concept in Sweden by Jonas Wagell

The Mini home plan developed from this and has, by taking benefit of the construction rules, developed to twice the admitted size, still without any licenses required.
Mini home is a “friggebod” construct which takes many fun and exhilaration to a blunt and traditional market. The construct means prefabrication, flat-pack delivery and weekend-long develop! Construction a home should be playfulness and easy. Kind of like placing together an Ikea cabinet.

Mini home is a modern, useful and artistic Swedish friggebod-shed of 15 sqm, fitted for both summer and winter surviving. In addition to the small home the construct offers an outdoor patio with pergola, all inside the framework of the permit-free Swedish rules.
Mini home is built to be easy to construct. By prefabricating the walls as sandwich components of plywood and styrofoam, a light-weight, sturdy and isolated building is enabled.
Also, critical particulars example windows and electrical feeds may be fixed. The home is delivered flat-pack. Moreover, Mini home may be customized with additions such as kitchen- and bath module, heater-kit with chimney or a solar energy unit to offer the home with electricity.
If planning the Mini home construct Jonas Wagell lay many emphasis on making a home that’s not constructed as conventional wood homes, since that would make a kind of fault in scale. Friggebod-sheds frequently seem shrinked, like toy homes, drained in particulars and strange balances, since they’re built with the same elements as big homes.

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