Moses Mabhida Stadium for South Africa World Cup 2010 by gmp architekten


Located on an elevated platform, the multifunctional arena is accessed from the southern through a broad flight of paces. A 104m (two-pronged) arch curls high over the arena as a symbol, seeable farther and large.

The geometry of the roof is preset by the architectural conception. Between the forceful compression circle of the arena stadium and the curve, a serial of radial wires are clamped on the internal border of the roof then as to create the tension circle rounded. The PTFE-coated cover of the roof gives 50% of the beam by the surface when providing security opposed glare and rainfall. The frontage of unfold lamellae, which follows the undulations in the intensity of the arena, covers the rounding alley from the sun and the often bouts of breeze when allowing a free panorama outward. The external skin is in result a geometric overlay of a cone burdened on a cylinder, creating a walk around the lap of the arena an attracting show, with the angle of the improving frontages exchanging as you advance.

The maximal content of the arena for the 2010 World Cup gets been arranged at 70,000 viewers circularized across 3 levels. After the World Cup, the amount of seats shall be decreased to 56,000, merely could be temporarily raised to above to 85,000 for primary shows. The necessities for a potential presenting of the Commonwealth Games or Olympic Games are satisfied. The new arena with its surrounding green fields for athletics, leisure and social actions and cultural applies shall grow into the center of a charismatic populated area and determine itself as a best caliber venue for athletics shows in South Africa .

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