Outdoor Dining Room Design Ideas


Rather than imposing place dining table and chairs, inside the house, whereas farm barely adequate, so there’s nothing wrong we try to place them in outer space. Most convenient choice is the back porch. Eating outdoors presents a new sensation of atmosphere, you’ve probably never felt before. Accompanied by natural sunlight, let alone put it with the park, definitely more comfortable.

There are two ways to put dinner in the living room outside. First, placing it on the back porch, instead of sitting room. That is, the dining room roof sheltered, not exposed to direct sunlight and rain water. The second placement is made part of the rear garden. This way once fitted, if by chance you have a garden with vacant land. The concept is similar to the picnic table. For this second way of placement, could by placing chairs and dining table for granted. Can also put tables and chairs with umbrella, which we often encounter in a cafe or restaurant. Want the first or second placement, the choice of furniture shall be a primary concern.

Choose furniture made with materials that resist weather changes. Teak is the most appropriate choice, especially for furniture that was placed without any shade. While for a dining table and chairs placed on the patio, rattan, bamboo, plastic, or synthetic rattan could be an option. To protect it from rain splash, complete the terrace with bamboo blinds.

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