Rainy Sunny House Design in Tokyo Japan by Mount Fuji Architects Studio


The place is in that location in a residential district in Tokyo , thick with small constructions, placed a little bit western to the central of the Kanto land. The weather there’s around to exchange from hot wet weather to rainforest weather in approach upcoming.

One active method to fit the construction and complete form is to apply bare strengthened solid as walls. Merely it is of questionable appreciated while it arrives to enduringness. Rainwater cleanses alkali out from wall level and creates it super temporary. Shuttering of folded plywood plank creates a perfect level that seems good on the daytime of completion, even so, climate-beaten; it shall seem bad and old inside some years.

Bare strengthened solid wall with wrinkling (h=18mm) each 500 mm separate would save alkali in and soil away. Larch plywood is applied as cast besides surfaced plywood in arrange to change wood grain to the level of the wall to create it unsmooth.

The block of strengthened solid therefore produced is located on the place at a slant to fall apart outside into 2 places: northerly, the “fore garden” on the street, applied as parking. To the southerly, the “individual garden” encircled by primary construction and connected homes wherever breeze is mild and sunlight’s warm. The individual garden tenders privacy and protection and causes it potential for the architecture to own big window that sees bright garden and “vault of paradise”. The architecture geometry isn’t traditional orthogonal.

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