Residential Building in Cagliari by C+C04STUDIO


C + C04STUDIO and Francesco Atzeri Engineer has design a new structure. It takes location in Cagliari, Italy. The contractor is Ziro Immobiliare srl and started in 2009. This is about a residential building namely Condominio P that lies in an area which contaminated with changing in urban planning and architecture. This building surrounded by fabrics and it make the designer and constructor have to think about the effect that has possibility to user or guest disadvantages. The building is settled to be the addition of container house.

The use of the color is maximized and make the building still looks interested. The building will use to life some of the persons. The building really colored well. The color has chosen and makes the structure full color and very interesting. The interiors inside also have been chosen so that make the user feel comfortable and enjoy their life there. The area of this building not so crowded. The users are still able to enjoy the sleeping time even it afternoon. The constructor tries to offer the big difference in this building rather than other building. Compared with available building in that area, these buildings look so different and luxurious. This is added some confidence to the user also. The materials of this building are also from the best materials. It built well step by step in order to make perfect building and beautiful also. The client will not feel regret with this building. It is a nice building and constructed well.

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