Shifting Sands by Work AC


Work AC’s project as a functional industrialized construction since the Brooklyn navy yard gets a chance to research the efficiencies of scale by possibilities of long-span structure constructions.  A two-story truss builds on quartet columns at the ground floor, allowing for the upper base to hold on the come out past of the entrance, producing a dynamic entryway point and a new divided up entering shopping mall.  The stripped frontage is made up of low-priced standing seam metallic element panels in a variety of color.  The color palette is acquired from the varied hues of the surrounding constructions which is a way from tie this old style building with the existing concepts.

This building form, a long rectangle with the top level shifted off the middle, will allow and provide space for a general used terrace on the behind of the building while the protruding side makes the protected entry condition. The top of the floors are also lifted up and clerestory windows can be inserted so it is able to provide the natural light for the lower floors. The building’s take a place on the site was studied using the assumed 23,333 sqf footprint as well as acknowledging the reality that buried 138 KV electric lines still had to be accessible. This building structure is unique, but it still pays attention of the whole of the structure so that with this innovation, the standard of healthy building can still be acquired with another brilliant idea.

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