Small Petite Kitchen Design Ideas


This modern design kitchen let small, approximately 2.5 m x 2m, but can appear elegant. The key application of a dark color and material choices. In the kitchen was all covered with glass cabinet doors. His top table using a solid surface, strong and scratch resistant material. All in black and glossy, the most appropriate options to create a graceful appearance and character.

But this dark versatile color choices, can make a kitchen seem less gloomy and a touch of “alive”. Well, they invented a bright red panel. Panel where it comes to this cooker hood, immediately looked strikingly among black domination around him. Bright colors like this, although only slightly, apt to create an accent as well as attention attractor “fun” atmosphere.

Kitchen sets and island in this kitchen deliberately does not stick on the floor, with legs of stainless steel as a buffer. This mode makes the kitchen more easily cleaned. In addition, the impression became lighter, right? One again, that graced the kitchen in addition to the red panel. The lights under the kitchen set and kitchen island to make the atmosphere so exciting.

Besides beautify for display, these lights also serve to maintain cleanliness of the kitchen. How not? In the area as bright as it was, just a little dirt would be clearly seen. No owner may let the mess kitchen, must be cleaned.

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