Another example of effective ‘all in one’, ‘time to join location of study / work with a pullout bed. Although closely resembles the furnishings in the rooms for kids who have learned to hate in the 70-and-above all during the ’80s, has a vintage line which makes it most enjoyable and a small, clever improvements.

The StudyBed Ben Berry in fact, does not require the adjustment of the work plan when you switch from ‘day’ that ‘night’: the two modules that replace each other are independent, then the work plan is fully manageable as any compartment even when the bed is open.

Two versions available: the base cabinet for sale at £ 1250 and that with the addition of the ‘top box’ (an additional module with counters and shelves) for which we must add 350 pounds. Following are other images while on the site, you can look to other furniture ‘saving’.

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