The roof garden furniture Ukiyo-e


“Images of the floating world”, “Images of the world go ‘,” Images of the unstable world “: these are the most common expressions to translate the word Ukiyo-e, which evokes the traditional art of Japanese art print on blocks of wood.

A word evocative, reminiscent of a fascinating past and has been revised to bring the green into the house and make it a real piece of furniture designers Florent Coirier, GrĂ©gory Marion and Laurianne Lopez have created in the wake of this “philosophy” Ukiyo-floating gardens and furnishings for the brand Vertilignes.

The green roof, made of resin and fiberglass, using a special type of soil created by the company Vertilab the Vertisol, partly organic and partly inorganic, which allows plants to stay longer without the addition of water, making more practical maintenance.

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