Unique Bysteel outdoor green


Bysteel, a collection of ideas and projects come to life from the simplest of forms: a sheet of metal. Located in Tortona did not pass unnoticed Bysteel devoted primarily to outdoor installation, but also perfect for the interior. Green dominated the area dedicated to the company of Forlì, with furniture ready to embrace and perfect dialogue with nature. Furniture, chairs, tables, lamps and furniture, all made from all white, currently characterized by a minimalist design, now with a more refined design, reminiscent of floral or abstract. The metal is usually always so heavy now takes life forms in light and delicate, ready to bring out the green and make small angles and fresh flowers.

Bysteel objects inspired by nature and return to nature, their construction is made in the workshops of Forlì through processes of cutting and folding, ready to customize and optimize waste items. The products are made entirely from recyclable materials and are all characterized by a design that provides, in many cases, housing for plants and flowers.

As the collection generates a great origami books to make them disappear sometimes, to enlighten them, or simply keep us company with a touch of green that ultimately does not lack in any collection. In the kitchen, bedroom (see Moss design), in the bathrooms and now also in garden furniture are designed to integrate with the green, but above all to celebrate and exalt such as the Bysteel.

The furniture then become one with nature, evoke and imitate, the highlight and protect it with a collection that literally blends with nature, as opposed to its organic forms with geometric designs and often minimal. Perfect in any garden and ideal for the interior. I recommend you see all the products and download the catalog

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