Uniqueness of Usuki House by Tsuyoshi Kawata


In the place, the form to be the semicircle form in the near of the primary construction. It was essential to construct the fresh home in contemplation of a primary construction and a little shed. Thus he considered the abode of a primary building and the shed, and mailed the intensity of the southern corner and the slippage intensity which became in the form of the hemicycle of the northern corner.

Around the designing, he distributes every space by the intensities that he organized aside and slippage, and the crossing component becomes the illuminating window.

At 1st, while he come in at the entrance auditorium of the southern corner, soft illuminate enter the hallway which he bent. By a west opening, so imposing place is born. There’s a tokonoma of the southern corner and yard of the northern corner in a Japanese-style space of the entering way western, and there’s dwelling that a kin dwells in of the entering way eastern. Living room and dining room becomes the typical room by positioning of the mass. They’re only shared into living room and dining room in a turning part.

The illuminating takes it to the southern corner and the southeast corner ahead of the kitchen from a large window, and the sunrise arrives in dining room in the breakfast, and the lady could see a park of the southeastern corner when working in a kitchen.

He determines the balcony by the 2 masses and organizes the baby’s room of the southern corner and the main sleeping room of the northern corner. As an answer, inside room and left over external space shaped by the term of the place and positioning of 2 mass take around the slow connections of the kin.

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