Urban Shop Spaces Town HouseStreet by Simone Micheli


HouseStreet Town is a project that aims to completely reshape the urban spaces in all major cities in the world and renew while the notion of hospitality.

Town @ HouseStreet started from Milan, with the first four PHS Permanent Hospitality Spaces, designed and built by Alexander the Red architect Simone Micheli in a commercial area of Via Goldoni 33.

In this project, the hospitality is located directly on the street, incorporating the walls of the latter in a unique city that becomes a huge hotel-house, where access to the rooms is made directly from the sidewalk.

Fully computerized, complete with every comfort and studied in detail, the first “room” of the project appear as spaces profoundly modern, dedicated to color and glossy, where the hand can be seen by Simone Micheli effortlessly.

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