Villa BH by WHIM Architecture


BH The villa, designed by WHIM Architecture and placed on a rectangular plot of 35 x 50m, is known for its relevance glass facade more than 20 meters in total length that allows the dining area and kitchen to the living room to enjoy spectacular scenery and a rich green.

BH villa is inhabited by a couple of boomers and for optimizing the accessibility of the house, the architect has focused on the villa ground floor, around a patio that makes the area an enlightened and open space. Because of the specific shape of the courtyard, the interior space is widened and narrowed, making it very busy and full of different sectors. Detail is the ceiling of the living area which takes the form of a sloping roof, and it is raising the roof in this area that extends all perspectives.

One particular aspect of the villa that was designed to be compatible with the environment, as you can see from the roof covered by the Sedum, which serves to regulate the distribution of rain water gently from the terrace, composed of 20 solar panels for electricity, the heat pump that heats the floor in winter and cool them in summer, and the extra heating (2 fireplaces, one in the living room and a TV)

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