Villa Vals Vacation House by SeARCH and CMA


In collaboration with CMA/Christian Müller Architects the Dutch apply SeARCH accomplished this vacation house closely to the renowned thermal baths of Vals in Switzerland. The interior was projected by Hella Jongerius, Aldo Bakker, Studio Makkink & Bey and others.

Here is what the designers say:

“Amazed that it was allowable to build a pair of abodes so closely to the global renowned thermal baths of Vals, the customer taken the chance to build the site, without troubling the bath’s grand views. The initiation of a central patio into the abrupt slope makes a wide façade with significant prospective for window openings. The viewingangle from the construction is slightly inclined, applying an even more spectacular panorama of the strikingly pretty mountains on the contrary side of the tight valley.”

“The Local Authority’s well-meant carefulness, that strange modern proposals were usually not favored, evidenced unsupported. The planners were amused that the proposal didn’t seem ‘residential’ or inflict on the contiguous baths construction. The scheme wasn’t sensed as a characteristic construction however rather a model of practical unobtrusive construction in a delicate position. The locating of the entrance via an old Graubünder barn and an subsurface burrow advance certain them that the concept, while slightly illogical, might still be allowed.

Switzerland’s designing rules dictate that it’s just possible to allow a definitive designing license after a wood model of the construction’s volume has first been built on site. This can then be precisely assessed by the local community and objected to when regarded unsuitable. For this proposal, logic prevailed and this character of the procedure was deemed to be needless.”

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